OfficeMart Benefits

7 BIG Reasons for You to Choose OfficeMart

  • Lowest Possible Pricing Saves You Money
    With a fraction of the overhead of brick and mortar and “big box” retailers, you pay lower prices.
  • Quickest Process for Placing Orders Saves You Money
    Purchasing is so easy the first time, and our advanced software technology makes it even faster for people and businesses (single & multi-location) to place future orders.
  • FREE Shipping and No Sales Tax to Pay Saves You Money
    No expense to go and buy supplies and no taxes to pay on what you buy? – No brainer!
  • FREE Personal Supply Assistant Assigned to You Saves You Money
    Talk to a Real Human who takes time to understand Your Needs, keeps Your Best Interests in mind, helps Resolves Problems and Lowers Your Bottom Line – They’re All About You!
  • FREE Member Benefits Save You Money:
    • Guaranteed Cost Reductions (GCR) Program
      We offer a free analysis of your purchases over time and your equipment usage to make cost cutting recommendations.
    • FREE Automatic Interval Re-Ordering (AIR) Program
      Getting restocked on products you regularly use is as easy as breathing Air!
    • FREE OfficeMart Automatic Rewards (OMAR)
      OMAR sees when you shop, and OMAR knows you deserve a reward you when you do!

But, the BIGGEST Reason for You to Choose OfficeMart

  • FREE Automatic Donations to Your Selected Charity – GIVES THEM MONEY!

    OfficeMart’s mission is to create a nation of empowered individuals by establishing local, community based centers serving charities and churches, our Veterans, our women and children within each community by helping those in need and demonstrating The Power Of One To Empower Many!


    That’s right! OfficeMart not only believes in corporate citizenry, community involvement and goodwill to all, we have made it our normal practice by giving back a portion of our company profits to local community and nationally based charities.

    Just choose the charity of your choice when checking out your shopping cart. A portion of your purchase transforms into an automatic donation to that charity – every time you order or re-order.