Charity and Fundraising


One of our commitments is helping serve charities, schools, churches, veterans, and other causes within the local communities through our passive fundraising program.

OFFICE MART IS COMMITTED TO SUPPORTING LOCAL AND NATIONAL CHARITIES donates a portion of every transaction to local and national based charities. Our belief is that those in a position to help others should do so.  If you have a charity that you would like us to consider for our program, we encourage you to send us an email to and let us know how we can help. This program is offered by at NO ADDITIONAL COST to our customers and the charities we support.  

This Value is Automatically Built In, at NO Effort, NO Cost and with No Hassle!
If you learned of through one of our many local or community-based fundraisers, please make sure that you have entered the fundraising code provided by the organization at time of check-out.  

Note: Local charities and organizations supported by are chosen by our field representatives and customers, and do not require any endorsement by  For national charities, we believe these organizations do a wonderful job at what they do and want to support those causes as best we can.    


For locally or regionally supported fundraisers the Regional Executive that owns the territory is responsible for setting up and managing fundraisers within their territory. With local and regional fundraisers established by the Regional Executive, is solely responsible for managing payouts to those organizations from the purchases made by customers wishing to support them. For national charities, has researched and identified several charity organizations that we believe do important work in an ethical way.

You can help either local or national charities with every purchase you make at and through its strategic partners by entering the fundraising code or name of the organization that you wish to support at check-out. Going forward a percentage of the sales/profits from your order will go to that organization until you change your designation. It really is that simple and remember there is NO cost to you or your organization at any time.  

YOUR VOICE – YOUR CHOICE! is committed to supporting the communities that we operate within, either directly through organizations that wish to set-up a fundraising program, or through corporations/companies that support those causes. For example, if your company supports the local United Way and you would like us to donate a % of sales/profits from your orders to that organization or you would like to create a more active fundraising program with other businesses in your community to support the local United Way then send an email to and one of our team members will contact you to help set this up.  

We want to hear from you should you have any questions about the charities we already support, or to tell us about charities you feel deserve our support, by emailing us at


Local and regional fundraisers are selected by the Regional Executive that owns the territory. It is their responsibility to support those organizations and they use the system to track and manage the donations. Locally, for example, we support helping a church raise money for a mission trip or a sports team to pay for uniforms. There really isn’t anything that cannot be supported through the local fundraising program.  

National charities have a little more scrutiny, as selects those that it believes are run efficiently to maximize their impact and most importantly fit with its corporate identity. The charities chooses generally have track records where over 75-90% of donations go directly to benefit people served by their cause. We initially evaluate and select charities (and continuously monitor each one) that have at least a 4-star rating using information from respected sites such as and customers are invited to educate themselves regarding our selected charities and suggest any charities they think are worthy of our support. It is in our best interest to invest in our communities by lending a hand up to people who may have nowhere else to turn. continually reviews and considers the charities supported and does take into consideration feedback from its customers. wants to make certain that we support organizations our customers feel are the most deserving and vital to our communities.

Thank you for helping those in need and supporting organizations and charities in YOUR local community by purchasing all your ink, toner, and office supply needs through!